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Meta Diamond Lash

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Meta Diamond Lash - Hydrating - Nourishing - Growth Mascara
You don't need a lot of product. Beeswax helps your mascara stay on your lashes all day long. The moisturizing ingredients in Waxelene are incredibly hydrating to your lashes, which will promote hair growth and prevent breakage.
Because it’s perfectly adapted for use in makeup, the wax holds pigment well. It also keeps the lash curl nice and tight! This makes beeswax mascara one of the most long-lasting formulas on the market. And if you’re curious what other benefits beeswax mascaras have for your peepers, consider these tips:
Boosts Staying Power:
The molecular structure of beeswax makes any makeup adhere and stay on for longer. That includes beeswax mascara. In fact, beeswax mascara is best for women (or men) with very oily lids. The oils won’t break down the formula or make the pigment run. Beeswax mascaras will stay put through sweat, oil and tears! No primers needed to prep the lashes. The lashes will stay curled and lush all day.
Virtually Weatherproof:
You’ll never worry about getting caught in the rain and having mascara running down your face ever again! Beeswax mascara will coat the lashes like a velvet glove. It will adhere to the hair follicles without budging, smearing or smudging!
Gentle, Moisturizing Formula:
Beeswax mascara is made from mild, irritant-free compounds. It won’t cause inflammation and breakage. In fact, it does the total opposite. It will leave the lashes hydrated, silky and supple. Mascaras made from organic beeswax are extremely gentle on the eyes. Drying mascaras contain harmful chemicals that break down the skin follicles. These compounds also dry out the lashes, making them brittle.
Luxurious Texture:
Beeswax mascara has a distinct creamy, fluffy texture. That’s why every lash is coated evenly with the formula. The formula won’t cling, smudge. It won’t weigh down the lashes or clump. Mascaras made with beeswax have a smooth texture that dries down beautifully. The finish isn’t stiff to the point that it hurts when you run your finger through your lashes.


Meta Females Inc. will only produce formulas that are completely Cruelty-Free.


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