Feeling Unfit?

Feeling Unfit?

As a woman in business, I have found that it can be hard to find your voice. 

There are times where I remember shrinking myself simply to make someone else feel comfortable or playing the reserved, ‘femme role’ silencing my opinions and bold statements. As one would assume, all of the above felt pretty shitty. Then there were times I can recall stepping up and being too firm, trying to prove myself or assert my "unbreakable persona," and that didn’t feel necessarily right either. 

Recently, have I found that in-between — a sweet spot if you will — that balance of being content and internally voicing — "you know what? I am who I am." And coming to this table exactly as myself one hundred percent of the time. Confident enough to stand next to any male or female colleague because I am talented, I am aware, I am diligent, I am intelligent and I KNOW what I’m coming here for. Solid self placement, that is the only way I can explain it. Actively decide, I’m just as worthy to sit at this table, hell at ANY table, partake in every conversation, seek unlimited opportunities.

Right there, a rush of complacency, purpose and comfortability. 

You know... when you’re just getting started and exploring your new role as a CEO, Owner, Executive, Founder, or whatever title fits you, take the time to learn how you want to lead and what style of leadership works best for you. Come as you are, be WHO you are and don’t try to fit a mold that doesn't suit you. YOU make or break that mold by exercising your own unique, individual talents. 


Own them. 


Hannah Cruz

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